What's New?! 2017-18 School Year Information

Breakfast: $1.00/day $5.00/week $20.00/month
Reduced: $.30/day $1.50/week $6.00/month
Lunch: $2.35/day $11.75/week $47.00/month
Reduced: $0.40/day $2.00/week $8.00/month

hot lunch

  • One cup of fruit or vegetables are offered each meal. One or the other must be taken.
  • The choice of 1% White Milk or Fat Free Flavored Milk is served with each meal.
  • Entrees may be substituted with hot or cold cereal and a graham cracker for breakfast, and the Salad Bar or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.
  • Student ID must show picture and bar code or the entrée will be replaced with a PB&J and ala carte will be denied.
  • Allergy substitutions can be made with a signed Doctor’s order, which must be specific.

  • In order to insure your child receives school breakfast or lunch, the lunch fee must be paid on a regular basis. If a student has charged one lunch, it must be paid before another lunch can be served. Otherwise the student will be served a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a carton of milk. Please keep your child(ren)’s cafeteria balance in check. Payment can be made daily, weekly or monthly.


January 2018 Menu

February 2018 Menu

Summer 2018 Breakfast


Mr. Charles Stegall
Superintendent, FOIA Officer

Mrs. Ramie Kolitwenzew

Ms. Kate Shutter
Special Education Coordinator

Mr. Ben O'Brien
Assistant Principal/Dean of Students

Our Mission

We strive to educate students and to assist them in realizing their full potential as responsible, productive, contributing members of society by providing an educational environment in which students are challenged, excellence is expected and differences are valued.

About Us

St. Anne Community High School serves rural communities in both Kankakee and Iroquois Counties. These rural communities include Papineau, St. Anne, Wichert, Hopkins Park and their surrounding townships. St. Anne Community High School #302 is located in east central Illinois.

The town sits approximately 65 miles south of Chicago and is a short drive to nearby tri-cities Bourbonnais, Bradley, and Kankakee. St. Anne is the ideal setting of a town where the goal for a solid education is shared by all.