Mathematics Course Descriptions

Math Department Expectations

Algebra 1A

Credit: 1
Pre-requisites: Teacher Recommendation, lower than a 60% on SACHS 8th Grade Placement Exam

This year-long course will place a strong emphasis on the continued study of integers, fractions, the order of operations, variables, expressions, and equations. Students will solve and graph equations and inequalities, write and solve proportions, and explore writing and graphing linear equations. Any remaining time in the year is devoted to geometry, statistics, and graph concepts. Problem-solving will be emphasized throughout the course.

Algebra 1B

Credit: 1
Prerequisites: successful mastery of 8th-grade math, 60% or higher on SACHS 8th Grade Placement Exam

Algebra I is a year-long course that lays the foundations for all subsequent math courses, as well as being an integral part of many other disciplines. We will become fluent in the skills associated with algebra, such as solving equations and factoring, as well as learning to reason with the concepts of variables, graphs, and functions. Algebra I addresses the following topics: introductory statistics, solving equations and inequalities, graphing and writing linear equations, solving systems of equations, multiplying polynomials, factoring trinomials, and solving quadratics using factoring and the quadratic formula. Applications and connections to the concept of functions are emphasized throughout.


Credit: 1 (weighted)
Prerequisites: Algebra I (successfully completed at either SACHS or SAGS)

Geometry is a year-long course designed to educate students in geometric principles, especially as they relate to technical and career applications. Projects and hands-on activities will be emphasized. Through geometry, students will develop their logical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and spatial reasoning. Topics to cover include parallel and perpendicular lines, transformations, triangles (congruency and properties), parallelograms, similarity, right triangle trigonometry, perimeter, circumference, area, 3D figures, and circles.

Algebra II (KCC 1424)

Credit: 1 (weighted)
Pre-requisites: Algebra 1; 70% or higher on SACHS Post-Geometry Placement Test or successful completion of Transitional Algebra

Topics include sets, real numbers, factoring, functions, expressions (polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and radical), equations (linear, absolute value, rational, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, and radical) and inequalities (linear and absolute value). Systems of equations and complex numbers are introduced. Word problems are studied in detail. This is a college-preparatory course in partnership with Kankakee Community College.

Transitional Algebra

Credit: 1
Pre-requisites: Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra 1; qualifying placement score

The course presents the basic principles of algebra and its application. Topics include the study of properties of real numbers, equations and inequalities of one variable, introduction to graphing, systems of equations in two variables, and operations and factoring of polynomials. Skills for success in more advanced courses are emphasized.


Credit: 1
Prerequisites: Algebra II or Transitional Algebra, senior standing (unless teacher recommended)

Designed for students who do not anticipate majoring in math or a science-related field, statistics is a year-long course introducing students to the advanced study of statistics as it relates to the humanities. Topics include probability, distributions (especially binomial and normal), basic tests, and regressions. The art of analyzing data and drawing reasonable conclusions will be emphasized.

Technical Math 1

Credit: ½
Pre-requisites: Algebra 1B and Geometry

Technical Math 1 is an articulated credit course with Kankakee Community College that concentrates on real number operations, measurements, plane and solid geometry, algebraic operations (including factoring, fractions, and exponents), linear functions, and inequalities (including their graphs). It is one semester in duration.

Technical Math 2

Credit: ½
Pre-requisites: Technical Math 1 or qualifying placement score

Technical Math 2 is an articulated credit course with Kankakee Community College. Topics in algebra and trigonometry are developed and applied to basic problems in technology. Topics include expressions (polynomial, fractional, radical, and exponential), equations (linear, quadratic, and fractional), word problems, linear inequalities, systems of equations, functions, graphs, and right triangle trigonometry. It is one semester in duration.


Credit: 1 (weighted)
Pre-requisites: Algebra II

Pre-Calculus is a year-long course that will lay the foundation necessary for success in Calculus. During the first semester, we will work extensively with functions including polynomial, rational, power, logarithmic, logistic, and exponential functions. During the second semester, we will focus on trigonometry with an emphasis on analytic trig and applications. This course is designed for college-bound students and material will be covered at a fast pace. Students will be expected to push themselves to a higher level of thinking and understanding.