Driver's Education

Driver's Education / Health / Physical Education Course Descriptions
Health Education

Credit: ½
Pre-requisite: required for graduation, primarily a freshmen entry-level course

This course is designed to teach health as a basic study of one’s self, ranging from personal health to public and environmental health issues. Health promotes the practice of good habits and aids in the recognition of poor health practices.

We will use the semester to construct a foundation of basic knowledge of Mental and Social Health, Human Development, Nutrition and Fitness, Substance Abuse, Preventing Disease, Environmental and Community Health, and Safety/First Aid.

After completion of the course, the students will be aware of how changes in the body occur and understand as an individual how to lead a healthier lifestyle. The Health Education program will be composed of activities that represent the proper balance as judged by current professional standards.

Physical Education with Driver’s Education

Credit: ½
Grade Level: 10,11,12
Pre-requisite: meet the State of Illinois requirements

The driver education program is composed of a classroom phase (9 weeks) and a laboratory phase (6 hours). Science and Math skills are used to apply such laws as kinetic energy, centrifugal force, and friction. Human characteristics and their limitation relative to the driving task is a requirement. Traffic laws, ordinances, court, and enforcement by state and local police rules are taught. In the laboratory phase of driver education, the individual is taught basic manipulative skills and how to perceive and interpret traffic hazards. He/she learns how to prepare a vehicle safely in today’s complex traffic society.

Physical Education

Credit: ½
Grade Levels: 9-12
Note: Students must take and pass six (6) semesters unless a P.E. Waiver is approved.

The goal of St. Anne Community High School’s Physical Education Department is to develop the entire individual intellectually, socially, psychologically, as well as physically. The students will be able to perform a variety of motor skills to demonstrate basic life serving activities and physical fitness necessary to participate in both conditioning exercises and lifetime leisure activities.

The objectives that the physical education curriculum has been based are as follows:

Physical Fitness – the development, improvement, and maintenance of a maximum level of physical fitness for all students is the primary goal of the physical education program at District #302.

Motor Skills – the development and improvement of motor skills are to be primary emphasis of all physical education depends to a large extent upon the development of a wide variety of motor skills.

Knowledge and Appreciation – knowledge and appreciation of all types of physical activities are to be a major area of concern to the physical education curriculum. Students are to experience a wide variety of skills and activities in their 3 ½ years of physical education. Written tests and rules are important parts of the program and students should be able to gain the ability to judge and evaluate their skills and others.

Leisure Time Skills – leisure time skills are to be experienced and be those activities that can be carried over to present and future leisure. Volleyball, table tennis, badminton, basketball, and weight room activities are examples of leisure time skills to be taught.

Social Behavior – proper social behavior is to be stressed in group activities, team play, and class interaction. Development of healthy peer relationships, respect for authority, and good habits relative to the care of the equipment and facilities are priorities in the emphasis of good social behavior.

Emotional Development – emotional development is emphasized and encouraged as we develop self-assurance and self-confidence through the improvement of individual skills and fostered through the development of knowledge and skills.

Leadership – we will provide opportunities for the natural development of leadership qualities through class activities. An attempt is to be made to develop the ability to function as a team player; that is the students are to be helped to understand the need to function as a member of the group.

The Physical Education program will be composed of activities that represent the proper balance as judged by current professional standards. The physical education class will be focused on team sports, lifetime fitness, self-testing, and individual/dual team sports.

Driver's Education

Driver Education Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel is open to students who have attained the following status:

  • Students must be between the ages of 15 and 18
  • Students must have earned 5 high school credits
  • Students must receive a passing grade in at least 8 courses during the previous two semesters
  • Students must be legal residents of St. Anne Community High School District #302
  • Students must pay the $100.00 Driver’s Education fee
  • Students qualify for behind the wheel by birthdates, with the oldest being first
  • Must have a permit within two weeks after enrolling in a class or will be dropped

Grades in Driver Education are not computed in student’s GPA for class rank.

The focus of this course will be the completion of driver’s education and behind the wheel. The class will consist of either first or third quarter classroom instruction of driver’s education. The following quarter will be used for behind the wheel instruction on scheduled days. When the student is not active behind the wheel instruction, the student will participate in a physical education classroom to receive credit for the rest of the semester. The physical education class will have the same procedures as Physical Education 9-12 and the students are expected to participate and follow all rules and procedures of the classroom when not participating in behind the wheel.