Business & Technology 

Business & Technology Teacher: Mitchell Means

Business & Technology Course Descriptions
Computer Concepts

Credit: ½
Pre-requisite: None
Note: Required for graduation.

This course is designed for the beginning computer user. The course will develop proper keyboarding skills while learning basic Microsoft Word and PowerPoint applications. The class will first discuss the proper form at the keyboard along with the proper reaches of the keys. The students will be assessed weekly based upon speed and accuracy. While the students improve their keyboarding skills, they will begin learning about the basic functions of Microsoft Word. The students will format different documents, such as business letters, memos, reports, and tables. The students will also learn how to create columns, set tabs, among other basic Word functions. After there is a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, the students will advance to Microsoft PowerPoint. The students will learn how to create a professional presentation using PowerPoint software. The students will also learn the proper guidelines for creating a presentation. The majority of their grade will be based upon daily classwork, two major projects (Word and PowerPoint), weekly timings, and quizzes or exams. By the end of the class, the students will be proficient at the keyboard and at using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Software Applications

Credits: ½
Pre-requisite: Computer Concepts/Proficiency
Note: Required for graduation

This course is for those students who carry a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint while showing proficiency at the keyboard. The first portion of the course will discuss the technical aspects of the computer. Students will learn what makes the computer run along with different problems a computer may have and how to troubleshoot those problems. Students will then advance their knowledge of Word and PowerPoint through projects. Students will then be engaged in learning about the Internet and how it works. After there is an understanding of the Internet, the class will teach the students how to create documents in Microsoft Excel and databases in Microsoft Access. The students will learn how to use these programs and when the best time might be to use them. The students will be graded mainly upon different daily assignments, projects, and tests or quizzes. This class will provide the student with the ability to use computer software with proficiency.

Introduction to Business

Credits: ½
Pre-requisite: None

This course is designed to give students a basic knowledge of the business. Students will be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge through business ownership. The students will be learning about basic business concepts dealing with business finance and entrepreneurship. Students will be graded based upon daily assignments, projects, and tests or quizzes. Students will have to create a business and marketing plan upon completion of this course.

Consumer Education

Credits: ½
Pre-requisite: None
Note: Required for graduation

This course is a requirement for graduation. Students will be learning about basic consumer rights and responsibilities, along with economic responsibilities. The students will learn about government agencies and protections. The students will also be required to create a budget plan and cover letter and resume. Students will learn how to make educated decisions when it comes to major purchases. The students will also learn about the different types of insurance and investments. Students will be graded based upon daily assignments, projects, tests/quizzes, and journal entries. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to make educated consumer decisions.

A special note: Twice a year the State of Illinois offers a Consumer Education Proficiency examination; notification will come out of the Guidance Office. If the student passes the test, this course is waived from graduation requirements. A “P” for passing the examination will be reflected on the student’s transcript but credit is not earned.


Credits: 1
Pre-requisite: Successful completion of Introduction to Business

This course is designed for those students who plan on pursuing a career in business. Any business major will need to understand the basic concepts of business finance. The students will learn how to keep and record proper business records. Students will be able to use their business plan from Introduction to Business and create bookkeeping transactions they may have for their business. Students will be graded upon daily assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects. Upon completion of the class, students will have a basic business accounting knowledge and the ability to keep simple records for a small business.

Web Page Design

Credits: 1
Pre-requisite: Software Applications
Grade Level: 11-12

This class will focus on creating and maintaining websites. The students will be using a web site creation program, such as Microsoft Dreamweaver, in order to create some original web sites. The students will learn how to create websites by writing in HTML. Students will also be in charge of maintaining the school’s website. The students will have to find current activities and events occurring at the high school and create pages for the teacher to upload to the site. The students will be graded upon daily projects and the websites they create; they will also be assessed through tests and quizzes on the material they learn. This course will provide students with the knowledge to create and maintain a website using webpage design software.