November 11, 2022

St. Anne Schools Families,

As you are aware, earlier this morning both St. Anne Grade School and St. Anne High School were put on lockdown. Initially, both buildings were on a hard lockdown but transitioned quickly to a soft lockdown once the situation was assessed. Notifications by both schools were sent out in an attempt to be as open as possible as quickly as possible regarding the situation. 

At the time of the initial notification, the districts had only small pieces of information about the situation. The decision to go into lockdown at both buildings was made out of an abundance of caution in conjunction with our School Resource Officer, local law enforcement, and state law enforcement. The decision was based on information received by these agencies regarding a domestic dispute in a rural section of our district and a subsequent car chase. At no time was this a direct threat to either building; however as mentioned earlier, out of an abundance of caution the decision to lockdown was made. We want to thank the law enforcement involved in helping keep our schools safe.  

To the families and staff of both St. Anne Schools, thank you for your continued support and understanding as we strive to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff members. 


Charlie Stegall

Superintendent of Schools