January 22, 2021

Greetings St. Anne Schools Nation!  

It is that time of year again the cold and winter weather is upon us.  As a result, it is time that we share with you some important information regarding inclement weather and the possibility of it affecting our school days.  

Whenever weather conditions begin to change and poor weather is forecasted it is my job to be on alert.  I watch forecast models closely and communicate with various individuals from the county and city road departments as well as representatives from Cardinal Bus company.  

Taking the information that I have at the time into consideration, a decision is made.  If a decision is made to dismiss school early, cancel school completely, or have a delayed start to our day, I will try to notify you as soon as possible.  This unique year brings with it additional options when deciding what to do regarding a weather event.  If a solid forecast is provided and we are allowed to plan, the state is allowing us to utilize a Remote Learning day.  However, this will only be utilized in cases that we have solid data to suggest a significant weather event is forthcoming.  With this scenario, the State is requiring lunches to be provided to students who would like one.  If we are able to plan accordingly, lunches will be sent home prior to the event.  An alternative to these approaches is that the day could also be made a Remote Planning Day.  These days would not be student attendance days and not made up at the end of the year.  They would be utilized by staff to engage in activities with the administration in planning for future remote instruction, curriculum work, etc.   

I understand, although our students may like a snow day, how one can impact the busy lives of our families.  That being said, if it is necessary to cancel school, dismiss early, have a delayed start, or utilize a Remote Learning or Remote Planning Day the following forms of communication will occur:  

  1. School-Wide Voice/Text Message will be sent

  2. Information will be posted to both St. Anne districts websites

  3. Twitter and Facebook postings

  4. Emails will be sent (as long as a valid email address has been provided to each district)

  5. Local Media outlets will be contacted:  WIVR 101.7,  WGFA FM 94.1, WVLI 92.7, WFAV 95.1

It is our sincere hope and desire not to lose any instructional days to inclement weather, but it is important to be prepared.  If you have any questions regarding these procedures described above don’t hesitate to contact my office or your child’s building principals.  

Have a safe and wonderful fall and winter season!

Charlie Stegall

Superintendent of Schools

St. Anne #256 and #302